Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mishap and Chaos Preview

This takes place five years before the twins arrive on the islands...                                      

Prologue: ‘Ele 'Ele Ua
The year 2040

          Kana’i rested on his surfboard above the water off the coast of his home; the Big Island of Hawaii. He was several miles out to sea, drifting with the sea, haunted by memories of his father. A spirit of peacefulness was in the air, it was the fall season and the island was always quiet in the fall. This was the season that Kana’i liked best, his grandmother Pele, the fire goddess of Hawaii, always left him alone during the fall.
          In his solitude, Kana’i had time to reflect on his father’s words. His father always told him to play it straight and not to play games with his life.  
He said Kana’i took too many risk with the life he was given. There had been so many late nights when his father had to come out to the police station to pick up his son. Kye would joke that Kana’i had his own cell at the jail.
          He hated the look in his fathers’ eyes, the look of disappointment he didn’t mean to give his father a hard time. It had been a few weeks after the last time his father came to pick him up from the jail, a few weeks since his father was killed.
          Kana’i didn’t feel that his father’s death was given enough attention by the police department. They ruled it accidental. Accidental drowning, his father was the son of Pele the fire goddess. No way did he ‘accidentally’ drown. Kana’i went to Pele; he demanded that she do something. Do whatever it took to avenge his father’s death. She told him that in time Kana’i would know the truth. Kana’i didn’t want to wait for justice. He wanted something done now.
          Kana’i was fifteen years old, his cousin Kye was thirteen. Kana’i couldn’t live on the island of Kaua’i where his father died; he tried to talk Kye into leaving the island with him. His cousin was too stubborn to listen to anything Kana’i had to say. 
He was too much like Kana’i’s father, always played it straight. His father’s words about taking too many risk echoed in his head.
          Kana’i sat up on his surf board as he looked out over the water. There were Haoles setting up their things on the beach. Haoles. They were always around. They acted so entitled, waving their money around the islands.
 He was down to his last few dollars. Standing on his board, he held his left palm out above the water which was still. The water began to pulse. He created a wave to carry him back to the shore. He rode the wave in with ease.
The Haoles watched in admiration as he came to the beach.
          “Wow, dude!” a young boy exclaimed in awe and excitement. “Can you show me how to do that?” An eager smile was on his face as he waited for an answer.
          Kana’i with his wet board tucked under his arm looked at the boy with disdain; “No.” was all he said. He then made his way off the beach.  He heard the boy’s parents call him a few unkind names as he walked away. He didn’t care.
          He was planning on meeting Inoa later that day they were putting together a hit. It’s what they did. They belonged to a crew called ‘Ele ‘Ele Ua which stood for ‘Black Rain’ the crew planned heist throughout the islands. Taking from the Haoles who had so much already, they wouldn’t miss a few dollars.
          Members of ‘Ele ‘Ele Ua worked in the expensive hotels, this gave them access to scope out the guest. They learned how long the guests were staying and how much they were carrying. A few of them had some really nice jewelry that ‘Ele ‘Ele Ua had been able to fence.
          Kana’i enjoyed his run ins with the local police. They had no idea that Kana’i was the grandson of the fire goddess Pele. He heard the stories they would tell about her at parties. He also heard the many stories that were told to the Haoles who went to the Luau’s.
          Kana’i reached his jeep to check the phone that he had in his bag. The light was blinking, he had a message. He pushed play a 3D image of Inoa emerged from his phone.
          “Dude, get down here already. You’re holding us up!”
The message ended fading to black, looks like they were on. In minutes he met Inoa at the usual place. Inoa was not alone, he was with Asher, and Asher was about the same age as they were but he was always quiet and moody. Kana’i had never liked him. But, as a friend of Inoa’s he had no choice but to put up with him. It didn’t mean that Kana’i had to trust him. Trust was something that was earned.
“Took you long enough,” Inoa said. He was in a hurry to head out.
“Where is it at?” Kana’i asked. He was referring to the heist.
          “It’s not far.” Inoa looked uncomfortable before adding, “We're doing this as a favor, to Asher.”
          Kana’i didn’t like that at all. Asher was no friend to him so why would Inoa think he’d go out of his way to do a favor for some guy he didn’t even like? “I’m out,” he said adamantly.
          “No wait. Here me out. It will be quick and simple.”
          Kana’i glanced over at Asher who looked irritated. He could tell that asking Kana’i for help was hard for him to do.
          Inoa noticed the hesitant look in Kana’i’s eyes. He was going to use it to his advantage, “You’ll like this, it involves the island witch.” Inoa knew that Kana’i had suspected that the island witch was behind the death of his father. The look in Kana’i’s eyes changed to a very dark amber. Inoa knew he had Kana’i hooked now, “Will you do it?” He asked the question yet he knew there was no doubt as to the answer.
          It didn’t take them long to reach the island witch’s home. She lived on the Big Island. Right near the sea nestled into large boulders was a deep cave. The opening was narrow and tight. Anyone who walked by it would see only a grouping of boulders and nothing more. They would never know that a cave was hidden within them.
          Kana’i stopped Inoa and Asher from following him inside, “Hey let me do this on my own. I’ll have a better shot at going in alone.”
          Asher didn’t want to agree, “No, it’s my medallion. I should be the one to get it back from that witch!”
          Inoa knew Kana’i was right. Kana’i was always able to pull off the most amazing things when he did jobs on his own, “Asher, just let him do it.”
          Asher didn’t take his gaze off Kana’i as he said, “Don’t screw this up.”
“Whatever,” Kana’i didn’t care how this went down. He just wanted to be alone with the island witch so that he would be able to use his powers. Make her pay for killing his father.
The inside of the cave was dark. He used his magic, his eyes created a crimson of light as he made his way deep inside the cave. His eyes lit up like a flashlight. His approach was slow and cautious. Each step he made was quiet. He moved like a predator. He was in stealth mode.
 The island witch was sleeping. She slept on a small cot against the cave wall the blankets pulled up over her head.
Asher told him that the witch took a family medallion. It was red with the carvings of men hunting. The scene had been carefully carved into the wood.
Kana’i looked carefully around the cave. It was cluttered with junk. He stepped carefully; he didn’t want to wake the island witch. He needn’t have bothered, she was a sound sleeper. He spotted the Medallion hanging on the cave wall. Beneath it purple candles had burnt out on a strange alter. He walked over and snagged the Medallion off the wall, pocketing it. Next he turned his attention to the island witch, he wanted to wake her and show her first hand the true power of a descendent of Pele, the fire goddess.
The island witch sat up in her cot screaming at him, “By the gods what are you doing here!” She shouted in terror. She couldn’t see Kana’i clearly. She could only see the crimson light ebbing from his eyes. He looked like a beast coming to collect her soul and drag her down into the depths of Hell. “It’s not my time yet. Please no! Not yet.”
Kana’i didn’t know what she was talking about nor did he care, with a growl in his voice he said, “Shut up.”
The witch pulled something out of her pocket holding it up in front of her to ward him off, “Take this! Let me give this to you! Please,” she was horrified. She wasn’t ready to die. She held it out to him, “A doubloon.”  
Kana’i’s crimson eyes took a look at it; he recognized it for what it was a Spanish Doubloon. He had heard stories about how the Spanish had found Hawaii two hundred years before the Englishman James Cook.  “How did you get this?” He asked curiously.
“Just take it. Take it please!” She held it out to him, “Take it and leave me be.”
He would not take it in payment for his father’s death. His father meant more to him then this piece of gold. He reached out for the island witch, took hold of her and held her tightly against the cave wall; his hand on her neck prevented her from screaming. The light illuminating from his eyes blinded her; she shut her eyes in fear.
 Whispering softly he said, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” He didn’t wait for a response, “You’re the witch who killed my father. Why should you get to live while he’s dead? Huh?” The hold on her neck tightened. He looked deeply into her eyes, “How could you have been strong enough to kill him?” The question wasn’t addressed to her directly. It was more of a thought that he put to himself. His eyes moved away from hers as they did the light from his eyes moved allowing the island witch to see a side profile.
Relaxing she said, “I know who you are, you’re Kana’i, Kona’s son. Oh please don’t hurt me. I didn’t do anything to your father!”
His eyes were back on her blinding her once more, “Someone did.”
“I would never hurt a member of Pele’s family. I wouldn’t be able to.”
Kana’i released her. No she wouldn’t be able to. The island witch fell to the cold ground. Breathing heavily she said, “I just want to live peacefully.”
Kana’i saw the doubloon on the ground; he picked it up, holding it tightly in his hands.
“There is more for you over there.” She pointed to a pile of doubloons on top of a withered table. Kana’i took those too as he headed out of the cave. As he neared the exit, the lights from his eyes dimmed becoming soft amber once again. Inoa and Asher were waiting for him at the entrance.
“Did you get it?” Asher asked impatiently there was an edge in his voice.
Reaching into his pocket Kana’i pulled out the Medallion to show him, “Here take it.”
Asher snatched it out of Kana’i’s hand looking it over saying, “You took your time about it!”
Kana’i raised an eyebrow, “What? No thank you?”
Asher grumbled a small thank you to him, but Kana’i knew there was no truth in it.
Witnessing the awkward exchange Inoa smacked Kana’i on the back, “Good job, bro, I knew you were the one who could pull this off.”
Once they were away from the cave and away from Asher, Kana’i took one of the doubloons out of his pocket and showed it to Inoa, “Any idea how much we could get for this?” He saw Inoa’s eyes light up.
“Bro!” He grabbed it out of Kana’i’s hands checking it over. “It looks real enough. She had this in there? Are there more?”
“She did. And there are.” Kana’i removed the rest from his pockets.
A huge smile broke across Inoa's face. “Our days of scamming have come to an end my friend.”
“Looks like it.” Taking the Doubloon back from Inoa, Kana’i added, “This stays between the two of us. No one can know about this. Let them think whatever they want.”
“You bet bro.” Inoa took the Doubloon back, “I know just what to do with this.” He gave it a kiss followed by a burst of laughter. Turning more serious he asked, “What did you with the witch?”
Turning away Kana’i said quietly, “It wasn’t her.”
“Bro that sucks, I’m sorry. I thought for sure it was.”
“Look, I got to go. Do what you need to do with that and I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah man,” he watched as Kana’i headed away. Things were going to be better now. For the both of them. Whistling Inoa put his hands in his pockets his fist around the doubloon. He was going to go home kiss his grandparents who had raised him and taken care of him for as long as he could remember. Now it was his turn to take care of them. He would make them proud.

Kana’i had walked down the road, lost in thought. He would use this money as a way to get out from under Pele’s thumb. She had ruled him with a tight fist, but now she would no longer be able to use him like a puppet. He came to a stop; out of the corner of his amber eyes he saw movement and he knew instantly that it was a faerie. There was an aura about faeries that were different from other magical creatures. He watched as she stumbled forward. Her clothes were torn and her dark hair was full of dead leaves. She looked as if she had been on the run.
Her eyes, as she looked at him, the depths of her eyes were icy blue. She suddenly collapsed to her knees clutching at her left side.
It was then that he noticed the blood. She held a pale white hand against the injury at her side.
Kana’i looked around to make sure no one was around. Faeries never came out into the open. They didn’t trust humans, or anyone. Reluctantly he went to her side.
Her voice was lyrical to his ears as she spoke, “Leonids.”
Kana’i moved closer to her, he felt compelled to offer her help. “Is that who did this to you?”
“Yes,” her eyes seemed to pierce him. “I came across on the white stream of glass.”
“You are not making any sense.” Kana’i needed to get her to a hospital.
“I’m sorry, but they followed me across.”
Kana’i glanced around for the man who did this to the faerie.
She grabbed him by the shoulders to keep him from leaving her side. “Leave them.”
“Them?” That got his attention. More then one did this to her?
“I took this from them,” she held up a pendent. A large ruby cut into the shape of a teardrop, hung on a silver rope chain. “I can not stay I must keep moving.”
“You’re seriously hurt.”
“Yes, I am, I am on my way to the witch doctor.” Her voice became raspy. She rose using him to steady herself. “They are using my blood to track me. I must keep moving. If they find me at least they won’t find this with me.” Her eyes met his as she put the ruby into the palm of his right hand. “I know it will be safe with you. I can see it. I've looked into your heart and I can see that you are a good man.”
“What?” Kana’i didn’t quite understand what was happening. He knew she was a faerie, but what he didn’t know, was who or what it was that had done this to her. “Come with me. I will take you to the hospital. That’s a bad gash at your side.”
Her icy gaze locked eyes with his amber. “The humans wouldn’t know what to make of me. What is your name?”
“Kana’i,” he said.
“I am Aria,” she said. “The Leonids, they mustn’t know about this.” She touched his hand with her own. The ruby was held tightly in his grasp.
“Who are the Leonids?”
“Remember, keep this well guarded.” She did not have time to explain to him. She had to get as far away as she could from Kana’i and the ruby. The Leonids were tracking her with her blood. They were so close. “Leonids are shifters.” With that said she ran from Kana’i’s side and jumped into the air, a blue and white mist engulfed her and she was gone from his sight.
Kana’i heard another movement. This one came from behind him. He tucked the ruby into his pocket. A small creature stood in an alley. Horns on its head, hooves as its feet, and its eyes glowed red; they appeared to be separate from its body, floating in space. Kana’i formed fire in his hand and shot it at the creature. When the fire cleared the creature was gone.

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