Friday, November 4, 2011

Dead Relatives Preview

Chapter One – The flow of Blood

            It was chaos in the street. Orlando and Ruben had begun their patrol of the streets of Los Angeles. Every night there seemed to be more freshly made zombies that they had to deal with. They had come upon a zombie attacking a homeless man, pulling him out of his make shift bed. The old man was yelling in fright.
            Ruben went in first. Orlando held back to scan the area. A flash of light caught his eye. Ruben’s cry in pain drew Orlando back into focus. The zombie was no longer alone, Orlando didn’t know where it had come from, but Ruben had been pinned to the ground as one of the zombies was tearing at his arm.
            Orlando ran, jumping on top of the zombie grabbed it around the neck in a chook hold and pulled it off of Ruben.
            Ruben reached for his sword which had been knocked out of his hand and embedded it into the stomach of the remaining zombie, dragging the blade up to its throat and cutting its head off.
            Orlando returned to Ruben, helping him up to his feet.
            “What happened to you?” Ruben demanded as he tore at what remained of his shirt to wrap around his arm.
            “I saw a light.” Orlando quickly answered knowing that was not a good enough reason to give.
            “You were unfocused.” Ruben walked back to his motorcycle and started the engine. “You’re not ready to be out here on your own.”
            Orlando chose not to say anything. Ruben had been right. He had been unfocused. But he couldn’t help it. It was not the first time he had seen the white light. The last time he had been in battle it had appeared right next to him. He had thought it was a zombie or something else and swung at it with the sword. It sliced right threw it and disappeared.
            It had returned. He would have to ask Elodie about it. She was the only other classified wizard that he knew.
            Orlando’s cell phone rings. “Yeah?” he said after answering.
            It was Michael. “I’m in the silicon Valley. I have a lead on number 5.” There was a lot of static on the line.
            Silicon Valley? Who did you take with you?”
            Michael didn’t bother to answer the question. “Get Ruben and get out here,” he said before disconnecting the call.
            Orlando thought about it. He knew that Ruben had been badly hurt from the zombies. Besides, Orlando thought, if Michael wanted Ruben to know about where he was and what he was doing then he would have called him instead.
            Convincing himself that he was doing the right thing, he started up his Sportster and drove out to Silicon Valley.
            The ride was a few hours. It was in Northern California near San Francisco. Orlando arrived at dawn.
            Michael stepped out of the car that he had ‘barrowed’ and waved Orlando down. Michael had to raise his voice to be heard over the engine. “What happened to Ruben?”
            He turned the Sportster off and gave a quick answer, “He was hurt.” He then went on to turn the subject back to the reason he had driven so far. “What info do you have about the fifth?  
            They had decided to number the six men that they were looking for. They felt it was easier to keep track of them that way. Jeffries had been number six and he was safely tucked away at the camp.
            The camp was compiled of hunters and others who had no place else to go. Orlando had only been calling it home for about a week. He had not contacted his family. He knew that they wouldn’t be safe if he did. He had heard that someone had placed a bounty on his head. Had been asking questions about him, had even showed up at his high school.
            Michael walked over to a garage and pulling the lever opened it, inside was dark. Orlando rolled his motorcycle inside and Michael released the lever allowing it to close them inside.
            A light turned on, Orlando could see that it was a work space, tables had been set up and computer equipment were running some sort of data. The windows had been blacked out.
            “I’ve been monitoring them for a few days.” Michael said as he waved Orlando over to a computer screen. “Every two hours a code name pops up. Lexion.”
            “Lexion? Is that the name of the fifth?”
            “I couldn’t say for sure. It could be the name of a project or something.”
            “What else does it say?”
            “They are preparing for some kind of delivery. I don’t know much more then that.”
            “Let’s go.” Orlando said. “Let’s get it done.”
            “You don’t want to wait for Ruben?” Michael asked. He seemed unsure to proceed without him.
            Orlando took a step toward him. “Ruben is not an unclassified wizard. He’s not even a mercurial.”
            “Yeah, but your magick hasn’t been the most reliable.”
            Orlando didn’t like hearing that. “This coming from a novice?”
            Michael backed down with those words. “I was just saying.”
            They agreed to a plan and decided that they would arrive separately. Orlando turned his cell phone to silent. He had seen that Elodie had called him and that she had left a message. He would play it later. When he had good news.
            The house was well guarded. There was electric wiring surrounding the perimeter. A guard house at the main gate. A lone guard sat stationary. He was hunched over with his cap pulled over his head. Watching closely Orlando saw the guard stir and jar himself awake. The guard removed his cap and raised a walkie talkie to his face. Moments later a white delivery truck arrived. The guard waved it through the gate as he spoke to someone on the other end of the walkie talkie.
            Down the lane a guard appeared. He was headed towards the guard house. Orlando inched closer. He had some what of a plan in mind and was still working out the kinks.
            The second guard began yelling at the first. He was upset that the guard on duty had fallen asleep. “Don’t you think we monitor everything that goes on around here? Including your idiot ass in here?”
            “I wasn’t sleeping! I was looking down at something.”
            Michael pulled his “borrowed” car up to the guard gate. His arrival surprised the first guard and irritated the second.
            “Who the hell are you?” The second guard demanded as he walked up to Michaels driver side window. “What the hell are you doing here? Get outta here! NOW!”
            “I need directions. Can you help me out?” Michael asked.
            The second guard reached through the window and grabbed at Michaels shirt nearly pulling him out the window. Michael pulled a stun gun out and shot him in the chest. He then jumped out of the car and was in the guard house where took aim at the second guard.
            Orlando stepped out gave a signal to Michael and continued up the path to the main house. Michael opened the trunk to his ‘borrowed’ car and lifted a guard shoving him inside. After both guards were secured in the trunk of the car Michael drove off back the way he had come.
            Orlando was on his own now. He ran up the path and came to a sudden stop when he heard something move in the trees above him. The noise didn’t sound like a typical bird. It was larger and it sounded like a branch had broke from the weight of whatever it was.    
            He didn’t have much time to think about it. The trees on either side of him seemed to come alive as creatures popped out of them. They were dark and Orlando could not tell what they were. They looked to be part dog, part rat, part ape.
            He didn’t have much time to think about it. The trees on either side of him seemed to come alive as creatures popped out of them. They were dark and Orlando could not tell what they were.  He began to swing at them. The creatures began to jump on him clawing at him. They were extremely agile. Orlando made a dead run for the front door. Threw his body against and pushed it open. He slammed it shut behind him.
            As he turned a man in a white suit and very polished white shoes with a black tip stood before him. His red hair was greased back shining brightly. His hands were clasped together as he stood at the top of the stairs looking down at Orlando.
            He gently unclasped his hands and held them upright towards Orlando. “I was not expecting you. But I can not say that I’m not surprised.” The polished man said. His voice very soft.
            Orlando took a few steps away from the door. His sword still in hand, ready. “Are you Lexicon?”
            The polished man gave a smug smile before saying, “You know about Lexicon? How wise of you. If it were I then I would definitely not be here before you.” The polished man tugged at the ends of his white jacket.
            “It’s not you?”
            “I’m Geoffrey.”
            Orlando gave a look of confusion, “Jefferies and Geoffrey, not very creative with your names.”
            Geoffrey took offensive to Orlando’s comment. “It has its purpose. Now I believe you came here for me.”
            “I came for Lexicon.”
            “Lexicon. Are you sure?”
            “What is going on here? And what are those things out there?”
            “Those are not things. Those are my pets.” Geoffrey strode down the remaining stairs and stood a few feet away from Orlando. 
            “What are you?” Orlando asked with a look of disgust.
            “I told you who I am. And I am ready to go with you. I need to speak with Mr. Jefferies. I hear he is being held with you.”
            Orlando stood up straight. He was not sure what he should do. Should he take this man in? Or should he kill him and be done with it. He could search the house for more information on Lexicon. But somehow he was not sure if he was being set up. Where were the rest of the guards? How was it that he was able to stand in the foyer with Geoffrey and no one was running in attacking him?
            He decided on one thing. He walked up to Geoffrey and with the hilt of his sword he swung at the back of his head knocking him out cold. He watched Geoffrey fall to the ground in an unconscious heap. Orlando called Michael on his cell phone spoke briefly and pulled Geoffrey up off the ground and dragged him out of the house.

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