Monday, December 1, 2014

The Legacy Trilogy

I have brand new covers for Mishap and Mayhem, Chaos and Retribution! Not only do these books have new covers, but I've also named them under the series title; The Legacy Trilogy. I thought this was a good series title because this story has so much to do with family. I've already updated these onto Amazon and Smashwords!

I'll be sharing the cover for Mishap and Retribution in the next few days and hopefully I'll be able to share the cover for the Box Set I'm doing for this series!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Orleans Trip 2014



I recently returned to New Orleans, Louisiana! Its one of my favorite places to visit and I happened to be in town during Halloween with three of my closest friends. We met a few locals on this trip who suggested we try  'Eat' on Dumaine St in the French Quarter. We arrived early (about 9AM) and its a good thing we did because it filled up fast and the food was absolutely amazing!
After breakfast we took a tour at the St. Louis #1 Cemetery were I acted like a tourist and took photos with my Nikon D3100 (in Manuel Mode;) which I'm proud of) instead of using my phone as you can see my aunt and best friend doing in the foreground.  
After our tour we took a walk through the cemetery.
We did stop by the Old Ursuline Convent, but unfortunately it's closed on Sundays.

 Here is a picture of my friends in their Halloween costumes. From left; The Tenth Doctor, Harley Quinn and a day of the dead Sugar skull! 



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bayou Blues Tour Schedule!

I'm so excited about the tour for Bayou Blues (A New Orleans Mystery) I'd like to keep you all posted because it should be a fun tour! There are some exciting things planned for this tour so please make sure you check in along the way! Thank you to Bewitching Book Tours who of course helped design this tour! 

Tour Dates: Aug 11- 25

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Final Ragnarok: She Returns by Dan Wright

Final Ragnarok: She Returns is a book I found through Backcover Promotions. I just think the artwork on this cover is amazing, and the story seems to really pull you in. I'd like to thank author Dan Wright for sharing Final Ragnarok: She Returns!

Title: Final Ragnarok: She Returns
Series: Draconica
Author: Dan Wright
Formats Available In: Digital and Print
Publication Date: TBC

Blurb: She is Coming...

When Daniar Dragonkin heard those words, she had no idea of the full horror that would follow. Now, enemies converge to bring to life a monstrous plan that has been set in motion since long before the events of Trapped on Draconica. A plot to bring Her back from darkness.

With her family threatened, her old enemies back to torment her - and a civil war in Baalaria preventing any help from her sister, Daniar faces the darkness moment of her entire life. Her sanity will be pushed to the limit as she faces evil in it's purest form.

Heroes will die. Villains will rise. And She will return - bringing with it the end to all of Draconica.

She Returns is the first book in the Final Ragnarok saga - and the conclusion of a trap that has been building for years. Everything you'd read about Draconica so far has been leading up to this moment. This is where it all changes - and where Draconica's ultimate fate (and of it's people) will be decided.

About Dan Wright:
Dan lives Canterbury, Kent, UK. A huge fan of both Fantasy and Manga, he has a style that combines both within his writing, which lets him tell stories that are both dramatic and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. He picked up a love of Fantasy stories after reading The Lord of the Rings, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and numerous Roald Dahl novels.
Dan also runs his own website, blog and a wiki page dedicated to the world of Draconica. He has also been a reviewer for the website Read2Review and occassionally reviews books on his blog. He has also written a short comic book strip called Queller, which was published in an anthology for the comic Lighting Strike Presents... At the moment he is also currently working on a script for an independant video game - to be released in the future.
Authors who have inspired Dan are Douglas Adams, J.R.R Tolkien, Harlan Ellison, Alan Moore, Joss Whedon, H.P Lovecraft, George R.R Martin and Hiromu Arakawa.
Contact links:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bayou Blues is here!

Bayou Blues is here! 
Sixteen year old orphan, Ava Lopez, has returned to New Orleans, Louisiana, just as a dark entity has taken residence in the Bayou. 
Not only does Ava have to discover who or what is taking its victims from the Quarter, and leaving their remains in the Bayou. 

She will also have to maneuver her way around a new school and deal with a new bodyguard. 
Ava will have to uncover the mystery before she becomes its next victim.

And you can find it at Amazon

Bayou Blues takes place a few months after Murder on Mars finishes and has its own mystery for Ava to work on.

Murder on Mars:
Sixteen year old orphan, Ava Lopez, has been called to New Orleans in search of her best friend Dyson. She discovers a series of dark crimes committed with supernatural forces and fears that Dyson may be involved. 

Shadow people fiercely haunt the city, unchallenged. Ava must discover the secret they are so determined to keep hidden and she will have to risk everything, because when the 'Fates' are involved there are no second chances. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bayou Blues Book #2 A New Orleans Mystery

Here is a excerpt from Bayou Blues! I plan on having this out shortly and can't wait to share this with you!
Bayou Blues
Sixteen year old orphan, Ava Lopez, has returned to New Orleans, Louisiana, just as a dark entity has taken residence in the bayou.
Not only does Ava have to discover who or what is taking its victims from the Quarter, and leaving their remains in the Bayou. She will also have to maneuver her way around a new school and deal with a new bodyguard.
Ava will have to uncover the mystery before she becomes its next victim.


It had been at least three years since he had left New Orleans, Louisiana and Auguste Cheval still wasn’t sure if he had made the right decision in returning. It didn’t feel right, yet he no longer had the option to stay away. His father had skipped out on him again leaving him no choice but to live with his uncle Prosper Cheval.
Uncle Prosper was absolutely crazy. He refused to live in town preferring instead to live out in the Bayou. Auguste had to make the long trek from town to his uncle’s shack each and every day, to and from his high school. Auguste attended Ben Franklin, in part thanks to his social worker, who for some reason or another seemed focused on making sure he stayed the course. His social worker Phillips believed that Auguste had the grades and the drive to excel at school; a school where nearly everyone excelled at one thing or another.
The only issue Auguste had was that a normal life could never be in the cards for him, but he wasn’t about to tell his social worker Phillips just why that was. How could he even begin to explain it?
As Auguste headed deeper into the Bayou he ventured down a narrow pathway that was nearly completely covered over with knee high marshway cordgrass. Auguste had taken the long way home as he was in no hurry to return. His uncle Prosper probably wouldn’t be there, more than likely he was out checking on his traps.
A slight sound came from his left. Something heavy was pushing through the marshway cordgrass, but Auguste couldn’t see what it was. So he waited. He didn’t want to move any further until he could see it clearly. In the light of the fading sun, Auguste held his breath as he waited to identify what moved in the cordgrass. In spite of the fact that the sun had reached the horizon, the air remained hot and humid enough to cause his clothes to stick to his body.
A man in his early forties rolled out of the cordgrass falling right in Auguste’s pathway. The man rolled until he was on his hands and knees, he lifted his head high up in the air, his chin tilted skyward and his eyes closed. He smelled the dry stillness in the air. His eyes opened and he quickly shifted toward Auguste. His eyes locked in on Auguste and his head made a rather sharp movement almost like a wolf finding the scent of his prey.
As the man’s eyes focused sharply on Auguste, a deep low growl escaped his throat. The eerie sound was so disturbing that it caused Auguste to feel ill. As the man leaned onto his back legs ready to pounce on Auguste, a wolf jumped out of the marshway cordgrass and latched onto the man’s throat, dragging him onto the ground and ripping at his flesh.
He tried to fight back, sinking his teeth into the wolf’s coat, but to no avail as the wolf tore fiercely away at him. The man screamed out in pain against the assault. Sudden silence signaled that the man had given up the fight. His body grew limp as his life began to ebb, leaving him unable to endure anymore.
The wolf turned and shifted toward Auguste, it took a step towards him with a giant paw. The wolf had an unearthly presence as its paws were large and sunk into the earth with each heavy step. Its head was slightly larger than the rest of the body giving it a disproportionate appearance. The wolf’s green eyes looked like they had seen centuries of war and chaos  and were filled with a sadness that tore at Auguste’s heart. In spite of his feelings, Auguste found the hint of darkness lurking beneath the wolf’s demeanor disturbing. It was a darkness that wouldn’t think twice about attacking Auguste and harming him, just as it had killed the man without hesitation.

 Auguste held out his arm as if to prevent it from coming any closer. As he did so, the fading sunlight illuminated the scar that ran from the outside of Auguste’s elbow to the inside of his middle forearm. The wolf sniffed at him before taking another step; then, as quickly as it had appeared, it turned and ran back into the cordgrass leaving behind the lifeless body of the man it had just killed for sport. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Guest Post: Dark Energy by John O'Riley

Guest Post

Dark Energy, is the third installment in the Grumpy Old Wizard series. It takes place in a contemporary setting in Sarasota, Florida. Like the other two books in the series, this story offers plenty of adventure and fun. In the Grumpy Old Wizard series, Josephine is a special type of wizard called a category six which involves very slow aging. Even though she is in her eighties and retired, she enjoys the body and vitality of a twenty year old. Unlike other immortals you may read about, she doesn’t behave like a youngster but instead, as an individual whose accumulate a lifetime of experience. Her two friends have recently become immortal as well so the fact that they are young forever hasn’t quite sunk in with their preconceived beliefs that they are elderly.

Josephine has a lot more fire power than the normal wizard and a few extra abilities thrown into the mix. One of her rare talents that gives her an edge with police investigations is her psychometry which is so sharp and finely tuned that she doesn’t usually have to touch an object to receive psychic impressions from it. Her best friend, Helen, is the cool-headed member of the group while Alice is a spitfire with her own area of expertise that helps Josephine to crack her cases.

In Dark Energy, Josephine discovers secrets about the Valituras that put her in harm’s way as she is a threat to their plans. The Valituras have spies everywhere and infiltrated all levels of the government. They have amassed powerful enchantments over centuries and have decided that now is the time to make their move.

Title: Dark Energy

Series: Grumpy Old Wizards (Book #3)

Author: John O’Riley

Formats Available In: Digital and Print

Publication Date: November 16th 2013

Blurb: Josephine uncovers an important secret about the Valituras, a power-hungry organization that has lived in secret for centuries. They have amassed powerful dark magic and infiltrated all levels of the government. Now that their existence is publicly exposed and Josephine’s discovery leads to the capture of more Valituras agents, they decide to make a big move and declare war against the country. Josephine scrambles to protect herself and her loved ones from this powerful foe.

As she uncovers more clues in her search to expose the hidden identities of the Valituras leaders, her boyfriend grapples with his new talent of white magic which proves to be a potent yet unreliable source of power. Even as Mark’s abilities expand, he struggles to avoid burnout which will lead to a coma and reversion back to mainstream magic. When the U.S. government’s MADA department hires him to attempt restoration of an ancient historical site, American Stone Henge, the Valituras target him for termination.

As Josephine’s psychometry brings her closer to the truth about the Valituras, she fears the answers will come too late.

About John O’Riley:

John O'Riley began writing at a very early age. In fact, he's been writing for as long as he can remember. He is an award winning writer of novels and screenplays in the category of urban fantasy, comedy, mystery, science fiction and young adult. His movie feature screenplay, Cursed, is an Honorable Mention Winner for the 2012 Screenplay Festival. His most recent accomplishments include the screenplays Cursed, Project Pandora, Pinky Swear, Incipio, and Bad Sister which have been listed as Quarter Finalists, Semi Finalists, and Top Finalists in the 2012 Screenplay Festival, 2012 Filmmakers International Screenplay Awards, 2012 StoryPros International Awards, 2012 Pulsar Sci Fi Screenplay Contest, and the 2012 Reel Authors International Breakout.

He loves reading fantasy, science fiction, and humorous fiction. Some of his favorite authors include Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Kay Hooper (Bishop Files/ psychic detective thrillers), Kat Richardson, J.K. Rowling, Angie Sage, Jayne Krentz, and Janet Evanovich. He currently resides in Washington state and owns a very friendly parakeet named Amy who helps spark his imagination.

Contact links:

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Venice in the Moonlight

Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna

Take a vacation from the London ton and visit Venice in the Moonlight!

A Story of Vengeance, Forgiveness, and Love 

After her husband’s untimely demise, Marietta Gatti is banished from the family’s villa by her spiteful mother-in-law. She returns to her hometown of Venice and her only kin—a father she hasn’t spoken to since her forced marriage. Her hope of making amends is crushed when she learns she is too late, for he recently has died under suspicious circumstances. Grief-stricken, Marietta retraces her father’s last night only to discover someone may have wanted him dead—and she may be next. When the prime suspect turns out to be the father of the man she is falling in love with, Marietta risks her future happiness and her life to avenge the death of a man she once hated.

Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel takes you back to eighteenth century Carnival, where lovers meet discreetly, and masks make everyone equal.

Can you tell us about Venice in the Moonlight?

Venice in the Moonlight is set in 1753 in Venice. Marietta has had a tough life so far. She was forced to marry young to a man who turned out to be a brute. She is suddenly widowed, but then kicked out of her husband’s home. She returns to Venice, only to find her father has been murdered. She meets Nico, who quickly becomes romantically interested in her, but he seems to be a twin of her late husband. All she wants is to make enough money to live on and someday find true love and happiness, but life has some more surprises for her.
Do you have any plans to follow this up with a sequel?
Probably not with this book. I have kicked around some ideas for a sequel to my other novel, Cera’s Place. There were a few interesting characters that I would like to expand on.

Are there any other books which you are currently working on that you can share with us?

I am currently working on a contemporary romance. The working title is First Crush:
Remember your first crush? How your heart raced and your cheeks flushed whenever you saw him? Jessie Baxter does, and it’s happening all over again at her high school reunion. Lee Archer is The One Who Got Away. Despite Jessie’s best efforts, he wanted to be only friends. Fifteen years later, things are different. Lee wants more, but first Jessie has to unload some baggage—the biggest one being a psycho ex-husband. Will Jessie learn to trust again and make her first crush into her last love? Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel will have you remembering the angst of high school, the grief of a failed relationship, and the happiness of true love.

Do you have a monthly newsletter for readers to subscribe to?

I do have a feedback form on my website that allows readers to share their email address with me. I only send out info on new releases or other important information. I do post regularly to my blog:

Can you share an Excerpt from Venice in the Moonlight?

Nico shrugged in the French wingback chair they had placed by the fireplace for his portrait. He looked regal in a black silk suit trimmed in gold and a waistcoat of burgundy and gold leaf-patterned brocade. It seemed Raul had excellent taste in men’s fashions.
Marietta rolled her eyes before she settled in a chair behind the easel. “Please keep still while I draw.”
“May I talk?”
“I’d rather you didn’t.” Looking at him was going to be enough distraction. She didn’t need to listen to him also.
He ignored her request. “I have to ask—why Palladino?”
Marietta blew out an exasperated breath. “I can’t sketch you properly if you talk.”
“You could have chosen any man at the Consul’s villa. Casanova himself expressed interest in you, yet you leave with that pig.”
“It’s not what you think.” She compared her drawing to Nico and frowned. His shoulders were no longer in the same position.
“You didn’t have to suffer the man’s dismal lovemaking. What were you thinking?”
“We did not make love,” she replied through clenched teeth.
He continued as if not hearing her. “You’re the first woman in years that he didn’t have to pay, though he would never admit to his need for courtesans. I just don’t understand how you could find him appealing.”
“We did not make love.” She practically shouted it this time. “I’m not attracted to Palladino or any other man for that matter.”
This silenced him, gratefully, but only for a few moments. “Well, in that case, I know of a few courtesans that can accommodate you. I am told they are quite beautiful and skilled.”
Marietta threw down her charcoal and marched over to him. She grabbed his shoulders and repositioned him. “That is not what I meant and you know it.”
He smiled up at her innocently. “I didn’t mean to offend you, but you have refused my charms, so what should I think?”
She glared at him for her own benefit, knowing it would have no effect on the man. “You need to stop talking and moving.”
When he didn’t respond, she said, “That’s better.”
He lasted almost fifteen minutes. “So, what kind of man are you attracted to? Perhaps, I could suggest a few potential lovers.”
“How about one who has fewer conquests than fingers and toes? Or one that values honesty and fidelity over all else? Do you know any like that?”
From the thoughtful look on his face, he took this as an earnest question. “I’m afraid a man like that will be hard to find in Venice, especially this time of year.”
“Well, then, I guess I’ll have to go without.”
“How depressing. What will you do for amusement if you don’t take a lover?”
Marietta rubbed at her temples and decided she deserved more than the coins she’d already been paid. “There’s more to life than pleasuring oneself.”

“Yes, Signore, really.” She placed her stub of charcoal on the easel’s tray and rolled the stiffness from her neck and shoulders. “That is all for today. I have another appointment.” It was a lie, but she felt the need to rest and the bed in the corner was tempting her tired body.

Author Bio

Elizabeth McKenna works as a full-time technical writer/editor for a large software company. Though her love of books reaches back to her childhood, she had never read romance novels until one Christmas when her sister gave her the latest bestseller by Nora Roberts. She was hooked from page one (actually, she admits it was the first love scene). She had always wanted to write fiction, so she combined her love of history, romance and a happy ending to write her debut novel Cera's Place. Her short story, The Gypsy Casts a Spell, is available for free on her website She hopes you will enjoy her latest novel, Venice in the Moonlight, as much as others have enjoyed her previous works.

Elizabeth lives in Wisconsin with her understanding husband, two beautiful daughters, and a sassy Labrador. When she isn't writing, working, or being a mom, she's sleeping.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Stealing Time Author Nancy Pennick

These Books are Made for Walking

My books recently tagged along on a hiking adventure. They were excited to go and leave home the first time without me. You see, the Grand Canyon is the backdrop for my time-traveling character. It’s all they could talk about for weeks on end. They were going to see the canyon up close and personal.

Actually they didn't really have to do the walking; they hitchhiked along in my niece’s backpack. She was kind enough to take them when she and her father hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. As a favor to me, she took pictures of them along the trail. I’d love to hike it myself, but I don’t think I’d ever make it back out alive or with two good knees. It’s all uphill, I’m told.
On the trip she had to carry a backpack filled with 25 to 35 pounds of supplies which turned out to be more like 50. Two more pounds would be added because of the books, but she took them willingly.

Being a talented, creative girl I had no doubt she had big plans for the books. I thought they’d provide entertainment for the travelers since there were others in the group. I was sure my niece would use all her creative ideas…as long as one of them wasn't to toss the books into the canyon. It turned out the couple that joined them on the trip were seasoned hikers and mountain bikers. They were very fit and forged ahead without the group at times. I’m sure they wanted to throw the books into the canyon themselves.

My niece chose a one-day down and two-day back up package. They camped overnight at the bottom of the canyon and then again halfway up Bright Angel Trail at Indian Gardens. It was a trip of a lifetime and one I’m she she’ll never forget.

I’m forever grateful to her for taking my books on that trip. The Grand Canyon is a magical place, one that inspired me to write the Waiting for Dusk series.


Title: Stealing Time

Series: Waiting For Dusk #3

Author: Nancy Pennick

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Ice & Fire

Formats Available In: Kindle, Nook and Print

Release Date: 24th February 2014


Drew from the past…
Kate from the present…
Two worlds collided.

As senior year comes to a close, a promise of new beginnings is on the horizon. Kate longs to head to Arizona and college until her former friend, Tyson, does the unimaginable forcing her to stay in Ohio. Her family has to pull together to keep their secrets safe. Anna wishes to return to the canyon in 1927 once more and Kate’s determined to make that a reality. Summer’s filled with wonderful memories and little warning of things to come. Kate’s world grows darker and she must be the one to conquer the demons and save the world that is most precious to her.

About Nancy Pennick:

After a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Ohio is her home but she loves to travel the U.S. Her debut young adult novel, Waiting for Dusk, was a surprise to her as much as it was to her family. Watching a PBS series on National Parks, her mind wandered to another place and that is where the characters of Katie and Andrew were born. Call of the Canyon and Stealing Time continue their story. The Swedish influences found in the books came from her mother whose parents emigrated from Sweden.

Nancy currently resides in Mentor, Ohio with her husband and their college-age son.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double Call from Desire Excerpt and Giveaway!

Title: Double Call From Desire

Series: Dearhart Clan #2

Author: Eri Nelson

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Formats Available In: PDF

Blurb: From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson comes the second look into the dark primal world of the DHC (Dearhart Clan Series). An adult tale that continues with the moon’s induced passions that surpass humanity’s logic in favor of not meeting a beckoning demise.

As Kristen and Owen come to grips with a chosen destiny gifted by the moon, a scout is ushered off in search of a rogue wolf. Thomas chosen by Owen to survey for a troublesome wolf discovers a howly formed desirable temptation that he had never wish to unearth.

Not long after Thomas leaves on his scouting mission, Owen himself is persuaded by his highest of confidants to go in search of Kristen’s past. Since she is their hopeful future, Owen is forced to depart only to find that soon after he is gone a misstep by Kristen finds her griped by a revenging hand’s fury.


With the wind came his scent and Julia took pause in her rapid pace. Scanning the ground, she caught the backside of him. Luckily, she was downwind and went unnoticed. With all mountains’ wind, that could change within a pulse. Deciding to hesitate in her movements to look him over could be a mistake. However, by the look of the backside of him, one she would be willing to make.

He was tall, well over her five foot nine stature. Julia could always hold her own in height with the males in town. Still it was nice to see a man who could perhaps make her feel delicate if only for just a moment, if any. At the pinnacle of his stature bore the broadest shoulders she began thinking she had ever seen. Even through his, thick fall apparel she could visibly see the contours of his tapered muscles. They seemed to fight the confines of his clothes and beg to tear free. If she did not resolve what he was from his scent, she undoubtedly could see now what he was by the build of him. She and her brother were the only two she would have ever known of and even that was not until this past year. This man shared the husky form and well-muscled sculpture of her brother. Although this Werewolf would easily outweigh her brother hands down.

She should move and gain ground for her attack but as he turned scanning the land, Julia found herself still to be held in awe of him. Chiseled features trimmed with a shadowing of sandy brown scruff to match his locks of wind-tousled hair. Minus the minuscule of gray that perhaps, only their kind would be able to catch up on. Add in his amber eyes and she could feel an inner turmoil like no other. For all the great works known to the world this man would surely be seen as one of them.

As he caught site of her she knew pausing the second longer on his sun warming eyes had been her down fall. Now it was run and run faster than she had ever in her life.
Tearing through the edge of the lumberyard and entering the forest line took all the strength she could muster. He was fast, too fast, and if not for the distance that had been between them, he would have had her in no time at all.

Their veneer of humanity ran too thin and as the pain creped forward Julia knew that this Were was bringing her wolf to the forefront. With the space amid them disappearing rapidly the urge to change came on chaotically strong. Her stride was pushed to its max and her skin could no longer coil from the oncoming touch. Just as his grip clasp on her the unfurling began and Julia could no longer hold back the pain of the unseen moon’s call.

The hellish howl of a wolf withering in pain filled the tree side. It was enough to stop her once tracker and now pursuer in his tracks. Through her huffing puffs of wolf in changing form, she heard him mutter, “It can’t be?” Then it was all she could do to remain conscious before everything including the arousing male went black.

About Eri Nelson:

Eri Nelson born Erica Walcott is an Indie Author and the youngest of three in a family of five. Erica became Eri (airy) from her mother who called her that for as long as she could remember. The short take on her name took on a more solid base with the love of her life and husband, Jeff Nelson.

Together they have been for the past twenty years. Within that time they were able to raise one daughter and endless amount of pets.

Writing is a passion for her and an abundance of never ending joy. Only one thing tops that for Eri... and that is when a reader enjoys the read......

Eri Nelson is a nontraditional indie author who manages all areas of her fiction, fantasy, paranormal, action, adventure and sometimes-erotic writing. Eri handles all the groundwork of her books, even the editing. Because of this Eri strives to improve her abilities along with trying to explain to readers her far from traditional sentence structures. However, she will openly admit that typos follow her.

Join Eri and her shadowy side of writing as she takes you along to explore new desire hunger filled worlds where your mind can share in the heat of the read.

Eri’s Links:

Website: (includes Eri’s book store, promo store, blog, teasers, and more about Eri)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bayou Blues Excerpt

Here is an excerpt of Bayou Blues A New Orleans Mystery, this is an unedited excerpt as I'll be sending this over to my editor soon. It goes without saying that I'm really happy with this story in book #2! I just wanted to share the first moment Ava meets Julian who is of course more than he seems. 

Sixteen year old Ava Lopez had returned to New Orleans, Louisiana only one month ago and already she was afraid that there was something suspiciously supernatural happening in the French Quarter. She just couldn’t be sure of what it was, but something was snatching people off of the streets. Their bodies were discovered days later in the bayou with strange markings on their arms and legs. Every three days someone from the Quarter went missing and Ava was going to be sure she was there the next time an abduction took place in the Quarter.
Ava was the guardian of the city, a burden that had been decided for her. The reasons for it were never made clear to Ava. The fates, who so happened to be three sisters and who lived in New Orleans, had decided that Ava was the guardian they had all been waiting for. Unfortunately for Ava, she had made an enemy of the sisters of fate. She had trapped one of them, Martie, in some sort of parallel universe with no escape and no way for her sisters to rescue her.
The sisters of fate were comprised of three sisters and their traditional Greek names were Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis. Together the sisters would decide the fate of every man, woman and child. And when the time came Atropos would cut the yarn that Clotho had spun and Lachesis had carefully measured. Even the sheers they used had a special name. The sisters had called it Atropos.
Ava knew the sisters of fate by different names. As the sisters now lived much different lives. Atropos was now Caroline and she was the eldest of the three. Clotho went by Martie, and she was the sister Ava had accidentally trapped in a parallel universe. The third sister was Lachesis who now went by the name of Chantal.
Chantal had run an Antique store located in the Quarter. She had tried to warn Ava to stay clear of the shadows that haunted the Quarter. Ava hadn’t listened; she had a good reason for being in the Quarter. She was looking for her friend Dyson who had disappeared and Ava was afraid that his disappearance was linked to the shadows who roamed the Quarter. Ava had saved her friend, but it had come to her at a cost. She would forever have to live with the guilt of trapping Martie and keeping her from her sisters.
Ava had left New Orleans, but had to return because she felt a pull. Something wanted her back she could sense it, it called to her everyday until she decided that she had to return. Her dreams had been haunting her with warnings, telling her that something was not right and she needed to return and fix it. The dreams she had while she was living in New York City had been terrifying. Ava had been attending school at Clairemans Academy; it was a prestigious school that had cost her father a fortune in tuition and boarding.
Ava’s family was anything but typical. Her father was linked to a Mexican cartel and after his murder at her sixteenth birthday party Ava had tried to prove that he was innocent of the charges the media had placed on him. She was forced to live under the glare of cameras and the media circus that followed her wherever she went. Her face was easily recognizable and she had been labeled as the daughter of a Mexican cartel. It didn’t help that she had her father’s looks; a cleft in her chin, dark brown eyes that were almost black and a prominent widow’s peak.  
Ava had been dubbed the ‘ice princess’ at school for her ability to hide her true emotions and had grown up being the target of her fellow students whose parents distrusted her father and who did not want their children bringing a mobsters daughter home. As a way to escape all of this Ava focused on her studying and fencing, she also knew several languages.  
After the death of her father Ava had no family left. Her mother had died a few days after Ava was born on January twenty third leaving an emptiness in Ava as she always felt she was missing an important part of her life and her history. Her father had kept photographs of her mother throughout the house as a constant reminder of the pain of his loss and the love he had shared with her.
 Ava had inherited her mothers jet black hair and her complexion which was a sun kissed bronze. Ava’s parents were of Hispanic descent and her father had stressed the importance of her ethnicity to her. He wanted her to speak Spanish as fluently as she did English, because of this Ava became fluent in many languages French being her favorite.
She grew up with tutors and bodyguards as company; she didn’t mind having them around as they became companions in her otherwise quite life. The bodyguards, Ava knew were necessary. There had been many threats made against Ava’s father while he had been alive. And her father must have known that his time was drawing near as he had begun to make arrangements for Ava’s future without him. A future her father didn’t take into consideration that would include the supernatural.
Of her two bodyguards only Oscar was aware of Ava’s abilities. He helped her keep her secret and covered for her on days she missed school.   
Ava was camped out in the French Quarter, dressed in a pair of black shorts with a high waist and a black tank top. It was fall, but it was still humid. She wore her hair in a ponytail and a pair of simple sandals. Ava was anything but a simple girl as she had a weakness for fashion. But at the moment she was trying to blend in and pretend she was a tourist. She was beginning to learn the turns and twist of the Quarter as she was becoming much more familiar with it. Yet there were times she would find herself lost.
Ava removed her compass and flipped it open. The needle of the compass spun round and round before settling in a direction indicating where the danger would be coming from. This was not a regular compass, as it didn’t work as a normal compass should. Instead of giving the direction of where North would be it read where the doors to the paranormal world were located. And where there were doors there were creatures that could come through to cause havoc.
Ava made her way through the streets moving pass tourists and locals who were unaware that something dark was about to break through the fragile gates. She could feel the danger pulsing through the compass and into her hand as a warning for her to be on guard. She came to a stop a foot before where she could sense the opening would be and Ava waited. She held the compass clutched securely in her palm. The air around her began to stiffen becoming tight. Ava tried to focus as she tried to drown out the voices from the people strolling by.
The air suddenly began to pulse, it shot out toward her nearly forcing her back, and she took a few steps back as the force of it was strong. The veil between the two worlds was suddenly pulled back like a curtain. It peeled back away from her as it began to shift creating a tunnel that grew large enough for someone or something to break free.
“What is that?” Someone nearby shouted in disbelief. Ava glanced away in the direction of the voice momentarily distracted. She had nearly forgotten that she was in a busy section of the Quarter. The distraction was all that was needed for Ava to be suddenly hit directly in her chest causing her to stumble back into a tourist who fell down beneath her. The poor man cried in pain as he was slammed against the pavement.
“They’ll be coming for you.” A voice calmly said amidst the panic that erupted around her. A black smoke seeped through the air blanketing everything nearby.
Ava couldn’t see who had warned her; in fact she couldn’t see anything. She raised her hands up holding them out in front of her as she tried to feel around for her surroundings. She felt a thin strap pull at her neck as she was yanked backwards. Ava tried to fight and break her way free as panic began to fill every part of her.
She felt the noose slip free from around her neck and she gasped for air the air that filled her lungs burnt causing her to cough. She was unable to speak and she was still unable to see, but Ava could hear a struggle taking place within a foot of her.
Ava’s only thought was that she would have to find a way out of the mess she was in before the fight was over. After all she had no way of knowing if the winner would be a friend or not. Before she could decide on what to do next she felt a tug on her left shoulder.
“They’ll be coming for you,” the same voice as before repeated. A golden flash filled her eyes and her sight began to clear of the darkness.
Ava found herself in the shadow kings realm. It looked the same as the French Quarter, but it was filled with shadows, shadows who hated her. After Ava had defeated the shadow king the shadows had been bared from the city except for the ones who were strong enough to escape through the locks.
“Who are you?” Ava asked.
He stood in front of her on guard as he kept his eyes fixed on the unfriendly shadows that were surrounding them. He had dark straight hair. His eyes were green and his skin had a nice warm color to it. His nose was straight but not in a harsh way at all. To Ava, his features looked Native American.
“Julian,” he said as he extended his hand out to help her up. He wasn’t very gentle as he yanked Ava up to her feet.
“I can get us out of here.” Ava said. She reached for the compass in order to find them a doorway back to the Quarter.
“No need for that,” Julian said. He took her shoulder and before she knew it he had them back in the Quarter. They were behind a building that had a sign posted to it reading, ‘Horaito’s Italian Restaurant’ an employee had just stepped outside to empty the trash. He was startled for a second or two before he shook it off with a shrug of his shoulder and proceeded to dump the trash before he headed back inside completely forgetting about the two of them.
Julian was headed for the side street exit. Ready to leave Ava and what had just happened behind him. That was until Ava stopped him with her questions. His stance suggested that he’d rather not stay and answer her questions and as he turned the look on his face suggested as much.
“How did I get into the Shadow kings realm,” Ava asked. “Are you a shadow person?” Her voice dropped low as she asked the last question. She didn’t want her question to be overheard by anyone.
“If I was a shadow person,” he said as he stepped back inside the alleyway. “I wouldn’t have been able to leave the shadow realm. I’d still be stuck in there and I wouldn’t have helped you.” His green eyes pinned her to her stop.
“That’s were I’m confused,” Ava said as she took a few steps closer unafraid of what he could be as she still hadn’t decided if he was someone she could trust. It was the warm look in his eyes that spoke to her, telling her in some small way that she could trust him. “Why would you bother helping me?” 
His eyes hovered at her before moving to the closed door where the worker had gone through. He seemed concerned that the worker just might return and he didn’t want to be there when or if he did. His green eyes had an eerie alertness about them as they seemed to be reading everything around him almost as if he were weighing possibilities. He must grow tired, Ava thought, of always being on alert. What would have created that constant need to be on guard?

Julian’s eyes settled back on her, they were heavy, cloudy and of course alert. “I know all about you, Ava,” he said. The heaviness of his tone spoke volumes.