Friday, April 6, 2012


Today is the launch of Read2Reviews 100 years remembrance of Titanic. Throughout the month there will be different articles, short stories and reviews. Please be sure to stop by to see what is going on. Author Ami Blackwelder is the first one to start off the month long tribute with her guest post!

Schedule of posts:
April 6th – For the love of Titanic! by Ami Blackwelder
April 13th – Sinking Fangs by Bitten Twice
April 17th – Review of Titanic 2012 (Bill Walker) by Read2Review’s Kate
April 20th – Haunted Souls by M.M. Shelley
April 24th – When Hearts Don’t Go On by Monhana Rajakumar
April 27th – 100 years is a long time to be on a ship by Ron Rutler