Sunday, November 20, 2011

Face Painting and Fundraising

On December 2nd the artist at FABA will be doing online web classes for free all day long! What is FABA? It is an online community where face painting artist teach classes, there are beginning, intermediate and advance classes and it is much more then just face painting a flower or a star. I refer to the face painters as artist because that is what they are, imagination and a little creativity bring to life fantastical creatures and incredible monsters.

This is an all day event to raise money and awareness of homeless Teens of Covenant House and 100% of proceeds will go to this charity.

Take a look at some of the pictures and be sure to check out the link below...

Here is the link for the fundraiser FABA TV Paint-a-thon

As for my ROW80 check in this week...I am so behind but I plan on making this coming week count because I will be on vacation and will make use of this time and devote it to my writing. (And more then likely squeeze in some shopping! I have eight nieces and nephews to shop for!) 


  1. Yay! for the fundraising. I love the pics!

    Enjoy your vacation. It sounds lovely, what with the writing and the shopping and all.



  2. How many!! happy shopping - rather like face painting - would have liked to have been a cat if it had been around in my youth:)

    all the best for coming week