Friday, June 10, 2011

Hauntings in my City Workman Temple Homestead

The Workman Temple Homestead in City of Industry is not known for its hauntings. But I've had an experience there. My brother John had offered to help me with a school project. I had an idea to do a video presentation for a class assignment and John had agreed to be the camera man. We set up the tripod in front of the main door of the Workman Homestead. I began my monologue and I noticed that John kept looking at the second floor window. He said someone had moved the curtain and was looking out. When I looked up I didn't see anything moving.

We later asked the Docent if anyone had been in the house while we were filming and she had told us no. That there had been no tours. I added a portion of the video, I am standing by the front door. Visiting this Homestead is like stepping into a time machine. Everything is kept as it once was. Almost as if the Homestead is waiting for its owners to return.

For more information about the Workman Temple Homestead you can click on this link 

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