Friday, December 20, 2013

Paint Nite!

A good friend of mine recently told me about paint nite, its an event where you go to (in our case Casey's Pub) have drinks, eat and paint. I knew I had to try it out because there was a brief time in my life were I did dabble in paintings. After being sent the link to Paint Nite's website I signed up for African Sunset. Ezra Edmond was our Artist for the night, he was a lot of fun and encouraged us to do our own interpretations of the painting.

This is painting was done by Ezra, however, the original one was done by Jessica Behm and she created this for Paint Nite. I took a photo of African Sunset so you could see what we were aiming for. Over at my table we were very competitive with our work which made it a very entertaining night.

We did very different things with our paintings:
 Grace decided to go with blues and instead of a sun she did the moon which she later called a spaceship because as you know a moon doesn't rise.

 Carol went with darker hues with her painting. 

And here I am looking very serious as I work. (I actually took this photo off of Paint Nite's Facebook page! I didn't realize they took this one of me or I would have smiled!)

This was such a fun and competitive night that we decided to return for Cherry Blossom night. 
Here's my painting of 'Cherry Blossoms' originally created by Kristina Elizabeth for Paint Nite. 

If you'd like some more info on Ezra you can take a look here: Ezra Edmond
this link is updated regularly with info on his paint nights.
Or if you'd like more info on Paint Nite Events
and of course you can take a look on their facebook page:
They do have paint nites in other areas so you might found one near you and if you do be daring and try it out. 

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