Saturday, December 7, 2013

Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty

I've always loved the story of Sleeping Beauty, there is a timelessness about it. Its a story that we are all familiar with as there have been countless interpretations of the tale. I've been a patron of the The Ahmanson Theatre and they always mail me magazines containing info on their upcoming productions and listed among them was Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty. Although this was not just any interpretation of the story this was done was beautifully done and told in a creative new way.

Its a Ballet of course, but its not only a ballet its a Gothic Romance with Vampires and Faries. I was lucky enough to watch this December 1st which was the last day it would be at the Ahmanson. I really wish I had seen it sooner because I knew that once I told my friends and family about this show they would want to see it.
Matthew Bourne, the man behind this incredible production was there and he stepped out onto the stage at the very beginning, before the curtains went up, and welcomed us and explained his version of the show and even shared that this show would be the last for many of the cast. Before the Ballet began we were treated with a local ballet troupe who performed, they were students who probably ranged between the ages of 12 and 16 and they were stunning.

This ballet was beautifully done and I would see it again because there is so much detail that you really should see it twice just so you don't miss anything. I also know several people who are jealous that they missed out on this and are waiting for it to come back.

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