Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ROW80 12-14

So far this week I've written 1100 words on Monday, 1250 on Tuesday and 1100
again today. I have not been able to workout at all as I've been fighting a
cold. Which means I am losing out on learning the new forms in my Kung Fu class.
I'll be able to learn them when I go back, but I'm missing the step by step
training and I will have to pick them up quickly before we begin training the
next form.

This Saturday I'm taking two of my nieces to see Wicked, it's what
they told me they wanted for Christmas and I love that they enjoy going to the

1 comment:

  1. Kung Fu!!! I always wanted to try that one. Love it, but don't think I would actually be a good martial arts student lol
    And you're writing is going well. Nice word count.
    have fun at the theater!