Saturday, November 3, 2012

Murder on Mars Preview...

My latest YA will be released later this month and here is a small preview...

New Orleans, LA

They told her to never venture down alleyways on dark nights—not when the moon was hiding, too afraid to show itself. She was also told to never let her cell phone run low on its battery, so low in fact that a call could not be made on it. Her cell phone had powered down on its own only moments ago and was useless to her now.

A howl reverberated down the alleyway, at first it sounded far away, but it seemed to travel down the alley until the howl become deafening. Rosemary had to cover her ears as she quickly looked about for signs of the beast that made the noise. Chiding herself for being fearful she urged herself down the remaining alley drawing her arms close around her self almost as if she meant to ward off evil spirits and keep her soul safe.

She had made her decision very late into the night; her mind had raced from one scenario to another. Seeking peace Rosemary grabbed her coat, still dressed in her night gown she walked on foot to Henry Davis’ home. He kept a residence in the Garden District, a residence that he had assured her his own wife didn’t even know about.

A dark shadow blocked the light from a street light at the end of the alley; Rosemary halted her steps, straining her eyes she tried to make out the shadow. Squinting, her eyes unable to see, she took one step closer than gasped in fear. It was the last sound she made as an unseen blunt force struck her from behind dropping her to the ground. Rosemary’s breathing came to a stop and her eyes went missing from their sockets with the greatest of ease.

“No witness,” a raspy voice stated. “No witness,” it repeated once more. A shadow dropped down beside Rosemary as it searched through her pockets, they did not come away empty handed. Clutched within the shadowy grasp was a diary containing loose pictures, within seconds the shadow was gone leaving behind the remains of a fallen Rosemary.

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