Sunday, June 3, 2012

Salem, MA

While we were in Boston we decided to take a day trip to Salem, its really easy to get to, just take the train. Round trip tickets were $10.50 per person. I knew nothing about Salem other then that this was where the witch trials took place. I was surprised to find it near a harbor and even more surprised to learn that Salem had a major shipping trade with the far East.

You should know that if you are going to Salem you want to get there early because all the places of interest close at 5PM.

At the East Inda Marine Hall.

I was surprised to find such a quiet town, it could be that we were there during the week, it did however make it feel like we had the town to ourselves.

Its really easy to find everything, just follow the red painted line along the sidewalks and it will help keep you from getting lost. Just make sure you head back to Boston before the fog rolls in.

We did arrive in Salem a little late, which means that we were unable to see all of the museums, but the trip was worth it. Salem is a part of history and its a place that you should visit.


  1. I visted Salem about 15 yrs. ago and it was such a fasinating city. I loved visiting the unique shops, and museums especially the wax museums retelling of the Salem Witch trials. I totally missed visiting the waterfront, though.
    Great pics, and post!

  2. HI Silverlight! It is a fasinating place and one that I wish I was able to spend more time in.