Monday, May 21, 2012

Mishap and Retribution

Mishap & Retribution is just about ready! I took a little longer working on this story because I wanted to make sure that I did it justice. My editor Kim Azmi and I are going through the proof reading stage, I wanted to have this ready before I leave for Boston, MA this Sunday but it doesn't look like that will be possible. I will be sure to add the first chapter some time this week as a preview!

At the Dawn of Time a curse against Man was made and only Death will satisfy it.  

The year is 2045 and twins Grasiella and Tatiana who are Cinerian, Fae and Human must choose a side and may find themselves on different sides of an ancient war.
With Tatiana trapped in the Fae realm and learning what life has been like, she has found herself bonding with the Fae. Grasiella seeking the whereabouts of her twin has come to a crossroads of her own.  
Separated and neither knowing the fate of the other, each make their way to an uncertain future. 
Death has swept across the Hawaiian Islands and the cost of peace may be too high.  


  1. OMG Book 3?!?! I didnt even know book 2 was out!! I need to get it now. I loved book 1.

  2. I would love to send you a copy! Send me an email with your info to