Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Journey to the West

Studying Kung Fu has been a challenging path, there are so many ways to describe it and I would fail with it if I tried. There is much more to the art then what you may believe.
There is a Chinese story called Journey to the West, about a monkey who has magical powers and uses them in battle. So, as I enjoy learning new things and since I would be devoting much of my time to learning this craft I looked into the story.
The monkey king was created from a stone of chaos, which is an early sign that life for this monkey king was going to be anything but normal. He created chaos where ever he went, not because he was wicked, but because he felt he may not have been treated fairly.
He fought against imprisonment against those whose respect he wanted and after centuries the monkey king found what he was looking for.
It’s a journey that I think can be relatable as life can be chaotic, but good friends and teachers help make the journey adventurous and worthwhile.  

I found this great video of the Monkey straight sword … and if you would like to know more about Monkey Kung Fu you can take a look at this site

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