Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Grandfather Pat

           It was the summer of 1916; my grandfather Patricio was born into a large family. His father Rufugio, was a silver miner who would later take his sons with him to do some mining. The miner’s lifestyle was not what my grandfather wanted, he had dreams of becoming an engineer, he was smart enough and eager enough, but it eluded him.

Over the course of several years his family moved from Arizona through Texas and settled in California where he married and began his own family. When Bethlehem Steel put out a job posting my grandfather answered even though he knew nothing about how to work in a steel mill. He stood in the line with others who were seeking work and when they were all asked which one of them had experience my grandfather raised his hand and said he did. They hired him that day and he worked there until he retried.

            I just wanted to wish my grandfather a Happy Birthday today, he would have been 95.  

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