Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kung Fu - Weapons

This week I returned to my Kung Fu training. I had taken several months off to focus on my writing. Working both on Mishap & Mayhem and The Zombie Story. But now I am ready to refocus and return to something else that I really enjoy doing.

I have to say that working on weapons training is something else. In the Zombie Story, swords are a main part of the story. They are used against the Zombies and the other creatures. The style is not as impressive as I am studying, but as all stories it should evolve to that level. After all, Orlando is just starting out, I think it might be a bit premature for him to be an expert swordsman.

Learning how to use this as a weapon comes differently to everyone. Some are naturals, where after a few quick lessons they look like pros. Others will take longer as they try to figure out the footwork. But once you have it down it becomes an extension of your arm and of who you are and you carry yourself a little taller because you know that your hard work and determination has paid off.

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