Monday, April 4, 2011

San Pedro

                I didn't realize how much there is to do in San Pedro, I spent a day there visiting family and they gave me a nice little tour of their city. We went up to the Korean Bell,  which has an incredible view! It is a great place to fly kites, which many where doing. We drove by fort MacArthur: I am a fan of museums.
          We also walked around Ports O'call, where I got my puzzle ring.We then drove by an old haunted warehouse, known as warehouse 1. It had such an ominous feeling. It's a huge building, that is crumbling in some places and there are also these creepy gargoyle statues. The trains use to use it back in the day and there were a few accidents, from what I was told locals will dare each other to go in alone. One story claims that one did and he ran out after seeing a HUGE shadow lurch at him! He later went back after his friends teased him about it. This time one went with him and they said that something was throwing things down at them, so they ran off. That is defiantly not a place I would visit at night.

I had a lovely day in San Pedro and it was a nice break to take from my writing.

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