The Zombie Story

The Zombie Story
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Unfolding on the streets of Los Angeles is a new breed of monster...
Orlando, fresh from the mid west, arrives at his new high school on his Harley Davidson.
 All he wants is to make it through the day, and begin his training as a  Zombie Hunter.
But someone had different plans for him.
The Zombie Story is the first novella in a young adult series.
Dead Relatives
   After discovering what was hidden in Mexico and having to sneek back across the border Orlando returns to Los Angeles, but is unable to return to his home.
      Instead of hunting Zombies he is now hunted. 
      Betrayed by those he thought he could trust, Orlando must keep the truth of what he knows to himself.
  That is until dead relatives return with dire warnings.

 What would you risk for immortality? 

The Day of the Dead is celebrated once a year, a day when those who have died are remembered. This year the dead are returning and they are returning as an army to seek vengeance against Orlando. 

A circus has arrived and it brought the Un-dead with it. 

Since Orlando moved to Los Angeles he had been attacked by zombies, zombie bulls, ghost and now a band of immortals want him dead. 
Betrayed by someone close and running low on resources Orlando has only one option-- to join the enemy he had been fighting as he faces his biggest challenges-- facing the mysteries of the Un-Dead Circus and keeping his friends alive.